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Energy Multiplier

Heating & cooling occupy very important place in your day to day operations & are responsible for substantial operating & capital costs.
Increasing fuel costs tougher competition & rising threat to environment are making things further difficult. It is time that due attention is paid to methods of heating & cooling in order to comply with crucial needs like energy conversation, operating cost reduction & eco protection.

Our solutions are designed to enable you to do so.
Cooling & Heating are two sides of same heat energy transaction. Cooling is removal of heat from matter to be cooled & Heating is addition of heat to matter to be heated. Cooling cannot happen without heating happening correspondingly & vice versa.

Money is usually spent on availing any one side of transaction while other side is allowed to go waste. If we somehow avail both sides of transaction & put into use, we end up saving big amounts of energy. This fact is the basis of our OFFGREEN range of energy conserving solutions.

Heat pump is a device that heats water by sourcing heat energy from any natural & renewable source of heat like atmospheric air, lakes, rivers, sea & underground GEO Heat Heat, moving it, enhancing it on the way & delivering heat into water to be heated.

This chain activity of sourcing, moving, enhancing & delivering is performed by a conventional air conditioning compressor.
Heat pumps are classified as per the source of heat & destination of heat. Like, a heat pump sourcing heat from air & heating water is known as “Air Source water sink” type. This is the most know & used category of heat pumps.
Water can be heated to 55 Deg C using heat pump with a COP of 3.5, i.e 3.5 Kw of heat can be availed by spending 1.0 KW of electricity.

Other features of importance are that it is totally environment responsible equipment, is reliable equally all through 365 days, required very small foot print area for accommodation & last but not the least does not need an attendant.

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