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Grills Diffuser

Aerofoil louvers with 0, 150, 300, and 450 deflection suitable for side wall, floors sill and ceiling mountings.


Single deflection
Double deflection


Extruded Al, mild steel or stainless steel.


Powder coated, anodized, emulsion painted, primer coated,

Features :

  • Designed with Nylon Bushes for efficient, smooth and quiet operation & to avoid rattling noise.
  • Aerofoil shaped blades
  • Deflection blades are adjustable manually and individually
  • Standard 20mm blade spacing
  • Single / Double deflection with high Quality anodizing or powder coating
  • With or Without Opposed blade Dampers
  • Available in different Standard sizes
  • Non standard sizes also manufactured upon request
  • Manufactured in High Quality aluminum extrusion profiles


Free four way distubution pattern


Free four way distribution system


360 draft free air distubution patterns

Features :

  • Designed to reduce ceiling smudging. Brings about proper airflow pattern and uniform air distribution.
  • Manufactured from aluminum sheets in one piece. (No joints / gaps at corners)
  • Negligible resistance to air flow.
  • Available as 4-Way Supply and Return Diffuser. (With or Without Opposed Blade Damper)
  • Less dirt accumulation.
  • Powder coated in attractive colors.
  • Material of construction: Aluminum /mild steel / stainless steel

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