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EM Series Treated Fresh Air Units (TFA)

EM series Treated fresh air units provides a complete highly energy efficient solution for any 100% treated fresh air requirements in the HVAC system. Energy saving in a singular modular stand alone unit with modules for cooling, heating, humidification, high efficiency filtration, mixing, sound attenuation etc.

These machine are capable of conditioning process air at RH as low as 2% and at temperature of 75 .

In fluid bed driers / coating machine in a pharmaceutical application ambient air is cooled to dehumidify and then heated till 70  to bring down RH of air to as low as 2%. This air is then supplied to FBD / coater machine to dry the product.

In present day design, cooling is achieved through chillers or Dx system. Heating of air is achieved through steam / electric heating. Both the utilities i.e. cooling & heating are consumed together and as an independent utility.

In EM series TFA, evaporator side of the refrigeration cycle is used to dehumidify or remove air moisture by condensation. The condenser side heat is used to reheat the cool air to desired temperature till 70 . This condenser heat which otherwise would have been dissipated in the atmosphere is recovered and used to reheat the air. This heating is absolutely free of cost.

This heating of air either through steam/ electricity has a huge utility / cost. This saving is phenomenal and can save millions of Rupees in operating cost as compared to the standard design TFA's These machines save more than 50% of your present design equipment's operating cost.

PLC Controlled, WiFi enabled

Salient features

  • Our Innovative Energy Multiplier technology ensures seamless close tolerance temperature & RH control.

  • Standalone, PLC controlled , WiFi enabled for continuous operations ( 24x7 ).

  • Does not require any other utility such as chilled / brine water or steam/ electric heaters.

  • Air can be continuously supplied at subzero dew point as low as -7 .

  • Air can be reheated till 75 . to reduce RH, based on your design requirements.

  • Available in flexible design constructions to suit locational convenience.

  • Highly energy efficient - Energy saving of 50% or more as compared to conventional units.

  • 50% energy efficient solutions to all your humidity control requirements.

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