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Microvee Filters


Also known as fine filters or 5 micron /3 micron filters, & are suitable for both EU-5 and EU-6 operations.


Filters particles down to 5 or 3 microns; with an efficiency of 99.9 % Recommended for industrial and class applications. These filters can be directly installed in AHUs or mounted in banks in separate single skin plenums.

Media And Its Function

Superior quality non woven synthetic filter media with regular labyrinthine structure being built or synthetic fibers, which are bonded together by a special resin. This media is bonded between two layers of HDPE mesh , which act as a retainer.

( Also available other filter media like woven HDPE ,glass fiber etc )

Construction And Supports

Large number of pleat of the media enhances the filtration area for better efficiency .

To improve the efficiency of the filters, they are made 100% leak proof by securely fixing the media pack to the periphery of the enclosure frame using epoxy hardener.

Available in M.S. / Aluminum construction with / without flange , and are spray painted with synthetic enamel paints

Fine filters are available in the range of 1to 5 micron (F6/7, F8/9 Class)

  • Low initial pressure drop
  • Light in weight and easy to handle
  • High cost / performance ratio
  • High dust holding capacity
  • Cleanable / Washable


  • General filtration for Air-conditioning and Air Handling units
  • General air filtration and per-filtration
  • Spray booths and per-filtration
Sr. No Type Flange or Box
1 Frame Galvanized steel / CRCA powder coated / Aluminum anodized / SS 304
2 Separators Aluminum
3 Filter Media HDPE media / Non woven synthetic media
4 Gasket Neoprene rubber gasket
5 BS EN 779 Class G4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9
6 Filter F5 - 40 - 60% Arrestance
7 Efficiency/Arrestance F6/7 – 60-90 % Arrestance / F8/9 - 90-95 % Arrestance
8 Euro Vent Class EU 6, EU 7, EU 8, EU 9

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