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Indoor Air Quality Products

What is Active-Tek Technology?

The most powerful Air and Surface Purification Technology ever discovered.

Technology based on process found in nature with the same power of sunlight, rain shower and lightening created indoors.

Active Pure Technology that removes Smoke, Odors, Bacteria, Airborne and surfaces contaminants

Exponentialize the power of your existing HVAC air filtration from Passive to Active for dramatically reducing airborne contamination.

Technology that upgrades your present clean room air filtration system from Passive to Active air filtration. The present air filtration system is passive implying that the airborne contamination of the area has to be sucked into the AHU as on the filters are in the AHU.

In active air filtration an active army of safe and natural ions as well a pollutant – controlling odor reducing and oxygen-rich scrubbers/ oxidizers are sent to each &every part of the indoor place thereby neutralizing the bacteria/ virus, amalgamating & precipitating the suspended dust particles to dramatically reduce the duct level & contamination to make your indoors safe & healthier.

Suitable for installation in centralized A/C systems

How does an Active Pure Technology work?

Radiant Catalytic Ionization (RCI) A unique and proprietary System

When UV light is incident on titanium dioxide quoted on honey comb metal structure. Photo electric effect takes place Converting light into electricity &ejecting electrons from surface thereby ionizing splitting of water molecules into volley of oxidizers.

Hydroxyl Radicals 0OH
Hydroxides OH-
Super Oxides O2-
Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2
Ozonide Ions O3-
Ozone O3

Hydrogen Peroxide: These molecules neutralizes pollutants &contaminants in the place because

Hydrogen Peroxide molecules have both positive & negative charges, they are drawn to pollutants and contaminants by the process of attraction.

Contaminants are than broken down into oxygen & water vapor. Hydrogen peroxide is odorless,colorless and safe to use in occupied spaces.

According to the occupational health and Safety administration (OSHA), exposure to o (1.0~ppm) of Hydrogen peroxide is considered safe throughout the day. Active pure technology produces only 0.02~0.04 ppm, well below the OSHA Limit.

Hydroxyls: Hydroxyls are safe, naturally occurring, powerful oxidizers that quickly neutralize many airborne and Surface contaminants, odor-causing bacteria and chemical VOCs.

Hydroxyls are formed when an ultraviolet light of specific wavelengths isabsorbed by the unit’s

Proprietary coating. The coating strips the Hydrogen (H)atoms from water molecules (H2O) in the Ambient air, forming negative hydroxyls(OH-).

These Hydroxyls break down carbon and hydrogen based VOCs and other organic contaminants Converting them into harmless carbon dioxide (CO2) and (H2O) water vapor.

Hydroxyls are extremely effective at destroying odors, bacteria, VOCs and othercontaminants.

They are completely safe for human, animal and plant exposureindoors.

Standalone table top models

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