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EM Series Dehumidifier

Advantages of EM series Dehumidifier

Save at least 50% in the operating cost in comparison to conventional rotar based dehumidifier system. Dehumidification is a process where moisture is removed from the air. When we cool the air, air condenses & moisture is removed. More you cool more is the condensation. The point i.e. dew point till which the air has to be cooled depends on the RH & Temperature required to be maintained in the area.

EM series dehumidifier are designed to use both the cycles of a typical refrigeration cycle. The evaporator / cooling side of the cycle removes moisture by condensing the water present in the air. The air can be sub cooled to as low as -7 deg C . The condenser heat dissipation part of the refrigeration cycle is used to generate hot water or hot air till 55 deg C. This heat which otherwise would have been dissipated to the atmosphere is now recovered to control the RH. This heating is absolutely free of cost.

Recovered heat helps you in saving electric heating or steam heating of air. Every 1 Kw hr of energy saving leads to saving the footprint of carbon emission by 0.85 tons of Carbon dioxide. 1Kw x 8 hours/ day x 300 days = 2400 x 0.85 (emission factor) i.e. 2040 kg of CO2 emission per annum. This recovered energy also reduces the global warming as otherwise this atmospheric dissipated heat raises the temperature of the universe.

Energy Multiplier Series Dehumidifier

(with seamless ultra cool condensation working on switch over technology)

Operating Principle - Four Stages

  • STAGE 1 -
    Cools the fresh air or return air close to 4 ℃ or as required by design. Cooling condenses the moisture in air.

  • STAGE 2 -
    Ultra cool's the stage 1 air below 4 ℃ or as required Dew Point by design. Ultra cooling further condenses the moisture in the air .

  • STAGE 3 -
    Reheats the air through condenser heat recovery module of stage 1.

  • STAGE 4 -
    Reheats the air through condenser heat recovery module of stage 2 to maintain room temperature.

Salient features

  • Our Innovative Energy Multiplier technology ensures seamless close tolerance temperature & RH control.

  • Standalone, PLC controlled , WiFi enabled for continuous operations ( 24x7 ).

  • Does not require any other utility such as chilled / brine water or steam/ electric heaters.

  • Air can be continuously supplied at subzero dew point as low as -7 .

  • RH can be maintained as low as 15% at temperature of less than 25 .

  • Available in flexible design constructions to suit locational convenience.

  • Highly energy efficient - Energy saving of 50% or more as compared to conventional units.

  • 50% energy efficient solutions to all your humidity control requirements.

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